What Is Brown On The Color Wheel?

April 10, 2023

What Is The Color Wheel?

The color wheel is a visual tool that provides artists with an easy-to-understand reference for mixing paints and creating vibrant pieces of art. It includes a series of 12 primary colors, three primary secondary colors, and six tertiary colors that are created by mixing the main colors.

On a color wheel, a hue that is directly opposite to a complementary color is called the complement. Complementary colors can be used together to create a contrasting effect and make their counterparts more visible.

For example, brown is a complementary color to blue. Similarly, purple is a complementary color to yellow.

What Is The Opposite Of Brown?

If you look at a color wheel, brown is placed directly across from dark blue. This makes the easy answer: dark blue is the hue that contrasts with brown.

What Are Some Examples of Brown Shades?

Warm browns are often associated with a sense of strength and reliability. The color is also popular for military uniforms and a range of other designs.

Lighter browns are chic and understated, with a wide array of shades from mink and sable to pale coffee hues. A little white can be added to a brown hue to make it lighter and warmer.

Brown is a composite color, meaning it is made from mixing primary and secondary colors that aren't featured on a traditional 12-color wheel. For example, brown is created by combining orange with black on an RYB color wheel or by combining red with green on an RGB additive color model.


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