What Is Green Obsidian?

March 7, 2023

green obsidian

Green obsidian, like standard black obsidian, is a form of volcanic glass that develops when lava cools rapidly under high pressure. This variety is usually darker than its counterparts due to microscopic inclusions of other minerals within it, though some pure obsidian may be light in color.

Meaning, Healing Properties and How to Use it

Green Obsidian is a natural truth-enhancing crystal that helps you uncover untold secrets and unlock your higher consciousness. It also stimulates spiritual sojourns that stretch far beyond the confines of your everyday life.

It can help you clear emotional blockages and heal from old traumas. It also encourages qualities of compassion and strength, and stimulates growth on all levels.

This stone is often recommended by healers for those going through traumatic events, especially those that have caused long-lasting wounds. Its powerful ability to transmute dark energy helps you rise from the ashes and use your memories as a catalyst for a new start.

The Price of Green Obsidian

This stone tends to fluctuate in price a great deal, depending on its source and where it’s being sold. A relatively small palm sized piece of green obsidian can be purchased for $35 to $70, but larger stones can retail for as much as $200 at times.

Where to Buy Green Obsidian

You can buy green obsidian online from specialized crystal sellers, but be careful to shop around before making a purchase. There are many scams out there — so be sure to look into the authenticity of the retailer you choose.


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