What is My Tooth Filling Blue?

February 10, 2023

why is my tooth filling blue

What is my tooth filling blue?

Your tooth is naturally white, but a cavity in your tooth can change the color of the tissue inside it. Your dentist uses a filling material to repair the damaged part of your tooth and keep it healthy.

Amalgam (silver) dental fillings are a traditional and inexpensive option. But they can also have negative health effects, such as increasing your risk of mercury toxicity.

Composite resins are an alternative to amalgam, and are a more cosmetically appealing option. They’re made to match the shade of your tooth, so they look natural when you smile.

The filling material is inserted into the hole in your tooth and the dentist uses a special curing light to bond it to the tooth. Depending on the speed of the curing light, a dentist may need to add more and more material until it’s cured.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a number of conditions, from internal and external teeth staining to genetic defects like dentinogenesis imperfecta. Your dentist will carefully evaluate your teeth and gums for any signs of an underlying problem to identify the root cause of your teeth’s coloring.

When you have a tooth whitening treatment, your dentist will remove the yellowish-brown stains that have built up on your enamel. Sometimes, a simple cleaning and scale and polish can lighten the color of your teeth, or your dentist might recommend a bleaching session.


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