What Is The 10th Step In AA?

May 2, 2023

The 10th step of AA is about taking inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This practice is a way to help control your impulses and keep you from repeating mistakes or harming yourself or others.

It involves being able to quickly admit any mistakes that you make, and taking action to correct them. This helps you maintain spiritual progress in your recovery from alcohol addiction.

Step 10: Take Inventory

One of the most important elements of AA Step 10 is taking inventory. This is a process of regularly checking in with yourself to see what emotional triggers or reactions might lead to using drugs or alcohol again.

Taking inventory helps you watch out for things that might be emotional threats, like feelings of anger, resentment or fear that could get the best of you and cause you to use again. It’s also an opportunity to admit your mistakes quickly and do something about them before they have a chance to grow into bigger problems.

It’s not possible to keep negative emotions from cropping up, but it’s important to confront them and make a conscious decision about whether they’re appropriate or dangerous for your recovery. It’s also a good idea to work with your Higher Power and sober support system to help manage these emotions. Working Step 10 is not about being perfect; it’s about taking honest responsibility for your actions and making positive changes that will lead to lasting change in your life.

Step 11: Admit Mistakes

The 10Th Step is one of the most humbling steps you will ever take in your AA journey. It is the step that teaches you to admit your mistakes and move on from them. It is also the step that teaches you how to forgive yourself and others.

Whether you're a seasoned alcoholic or a newbie to recovery, stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for your actions will help you achieve long-term sobriety. You will not only learn to accept yourself but you will also grow as a person.

It is no surprise that the most humbling step in AA is the one that teaches you to admit your mistakes. In fact, it is arguably the most important of all the steps. This step is about admitting that you need help and asking for it, both of which are the most powerful tools you can have on your side. It is only when you accept these tools that you can truly begin the journey to a life of sobriety and happiness.

Step 12: Do Something About It

Admitting mistakes and failings helps reduce guilt and minimize the illusion of control. It also keeps recovering individuals accountable, and allows them to recognize their Higher Power as the source of their guidance.

Using a 12-Step model, AA members practice this step by taking responsibility for their actions and seeking help. They do this through prayer and meditation, which helps them understand their Higher Power’s path for them.

They also make amends for social harms and focus on improving their social connections. This helps reduce the impact of their addiction, as it replaces addictive behaviors that are self-serving with good intentions for others.

Whether speaking up at meetings or serving in other ways, a step 12 member is expected to serve others who need assistance with their recovery. This service work is a way to show other alcoholics and addicts that they can overcome the challenges of their recovery, and it’s an important part of maintaining sobriety.

Step 13: Move On

One of the biggest challenges in AA is dealing with people who are still drinking and those who have yet to get sober. The 12 and 12 step program offers a safe space to work through these issues without the risk of relapse. A big part of this is recognizing that not everyone will be in recovery for the long haul. Some may be willing to trade booze for an opportunity to grow in sobriety, while others are not. Regardless of their reasons for quitting, they need to know that their life is in good hands and that it is possible to live a happy and sober life.


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