What Is The 4th Step In Alcoholics Anonymous?

May 2, 2023

The 4th Step in Alcoholics Anonymous calls for a member to create a "fearless moral inventory."

A fearless moral inventory is an honest examination of how a person's character has been impacted by their alcohol addiction. It enables a person to identify defects of character and begin making amends.

What Is The Fearless Moral Inventory?

The Fearless Moral Inventory is the fourth step of a 12-step recovery program that was originated by Alcoholics Anonymous (Aa). It involves examining one's thoughts and feelings about their past behavior. The steps are designed to give someone with addiction a fresh perspective on their life, as well as help them gain a more spiritual connection to God or their personal higher power.

Taking the "fearless" part of this step means that the person is willing to be honest with themselves about their thoughts and feelings, even if they are afraid of being judged by others. While this may be a difficult task, it is essential to the success of a program. When you do this, it will open up the path to a life of serenity and peace. In addition, you'll learn to take full responsibility for your actions and behaviors — a crucial step in recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The fourth step also allows you to take a look at the root cause of your addiction.

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