What to Do When a Guy Says He Wants to Kiss You Over Text

February 10, 2023

when a guy says he wants to kiss you over text

If a guy says he wants to kiss you over text, it can be a confusing situation. You may have feelings for him and want to respond positively, but you also might not be sure what to say.

The first thing to consider is whether you actually like him or not. If you don’t, this might not be the right time to kiss him, and it may seem a little overly desperate.

Another consideration is the timing of the message. If he says this over text while you’re still in a long-distance relationship or he’s on vacation, this can be a good sign that he’s missing you and is thinking about you a lot.

He might be flirting with you to build chemistry. He’ll ask you questions about your life, and he’s likely to compliment you genuinely, too.

It’s a sign that he’s into you.

When a guy starts to flirt with you, it’s a sign that he likes you and wants to get closer to you. This could lead to a deeper level of intimacy and romance, and eventually, he might even go for that first kiss!

If he seems nervous around you, that’s an important sign too. He might fidget or even pause when you talk to him, and it’s likely that he’s scared he’ll make the wrong move.

It’s also a sign that he’s into your personality, which is a huge plus! If he’s into you in this way, it’s worth giving him a second chance and seeing how things develop.


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