What to Do When a Man Avoids Eye Contact With a Woman

February 10, 2023

when a man avoids eye contact with a woman

If you’re in a conversation with a man and he suddenly avoids eye contact, it can be confusing. There are a few different reasons why he might be doing this.

A guy avoiding eye contact could be nervous or shy around you, and he is trying to protect himself from your feelings. He might also be feeling anxious about the topic you are talking about, or something that he is going through in his life.

Alternatively, it could be a sign of attraction between you both. Typically, a guy who is avoiding eye contact with you because he likes you will do so in a subtle manner. He will probably avoid establishing eye contact with you as long as he can, and then slowly make more and more eye contact once you have become more comfortable with him.

The first thing you need to do is check his body language for any other clues that can help you figure out the reason for avoiding eye contact. For example, he might be shifting his weight from one leg to the other or fidgeting around.

Another clue that he may be feeling nervous or shy is if he starts to look away from you and back at you. This is a body language signal that can indicate that he feels overwhelmed or that you are getting too close to him.

You can try to talk to him about why he is avoiding eye contact, and see if you can work it out. If you are able to get to the root of his feelings, it should help him to be more comfortable with you.


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