What's Going On?

October 7, 2023

What's Going On

The expressions what is happening and what is going on can be used interchangeably. They both refer to situations in which an individual or a group of people are engaging in activity, whether it is social or professional. In some instances, the use of "what is going on" may imply that the activity is disturbing or out-of-order. For example, someone might ask, "What is going on here?" when they observe an unusual scene taking place.

In other cases, the use of "what is going on" might suggest a neutral or non-disturbing context, such as a gathering of friends. In these circumstances, the use of "what is going on" can also be used as a way to express interest or curiosity about an event.

Hannah Jadagu, aka What Is Going On (pronounced Juh-dah-goo), is an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Mesquite, Texas who records and produces her music using an iPhone 7. She utilizes Garageband iOS, an iRig microphone, and her own voice to produce her distinctive bedroom pop sound.

The song "What Is Going On" is an early example of the political themes and social change that characterized much of Gaye's work with Motown. It was a top-10 hit on Billboard's Soul LPs chart and spent over a year on the charts, until it was replaced by his second album with the label, Let's Get It On. The album's songs segue into one another, creating a narrative that has been described as an exploration of hatred, drug abuse, poverty, and the Vietnam War. It was also credited with raising awareness of ecological issues before they were prominent in the public eye ("Mercy Mercy Me"). The song was covered by Cyndi Lauper on her 1986 album, True Colors.


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