Where Do Alcoholics Hide Their Stash?

May 2, 2023

When you know someone who is suffering from an alcohol use disorder, it can be difficult to identify where they are hiding their alcohol stash. This is a normal part of addiction and if you suspect they are hiding their alcohol, it’s important to find out.

Many alcoholics hide their drinking stash in unusual places. It’s a way of protecting themselves from repercussions for their behaviour.

Clothes Drawers

Dresser drawers are the perfect place to stash small bottles of alcohol. They are easy to access, and you’d never know they were there unless someone was looking for them.

Another advantage of dresser drawers is that they offer a lot of storage space. This makes them ideal for stashing small bottles of booze, such as vodka, brandy, and rum.

In addition, they’re also good places to store large items such as socks or t-shirts. Just make sure to fold them correctly or invest in a drawer divider so that they don’t slide around in the drawer.

It’s also a good idea to file your clothing instead of stacking them on top of one another, which will help them look neater. This can be done with upright rolls, side rolls, or using a shirt board. It’s a great way to organize your closet and save you time searching for an item.

Water Bottles

A water bottle is one of the most popular ways to hide a stash of alcohol. These are easy to access and can be filled with a drink whenever a person wants it.

People with addictions often have a hard time controlling their cravings for alcohol and it can be very frustrating. They may even have to find creative ways to keep their stash from being found by others.

Hikers, for example, have been known to fill up portable water backpacks with liquor so they can consume a drink when needed.

Reusable plastic bottles are still the most common type of water bottle available today, but you can also buy glass or stainless steel versions. These are both eco-friendly and better for the environment than disposable bottles.

Bags & Purses

Whether they're carrying handbags, purses or backpacks on a regular basis, problem drinkers often hide their stash of alcohol inside these everyday items. They're convenient and easy to access when they need a drink on the go.

They're also a way to conceal small amounts of drugs. For example, a woman's individual-wrapped sanitary napkins can be rewrapped and filled with small amounts of ecstasy tablets or cocaine before she discards them.

Many alcoholics also hide alcohol in bottles that look like normal objects, such as binoculars, perfume and lotion bottles, or even soda pop cans. These may not be a sign of an addiction, but if they're regularly used, it could be a sign that they're trying to get around alcohol regulations.

If you suspect that a loved one has a drinking problem, it's important to search for their stash. If you find it, it's crucial to approach the situation in a calm, respectful manner so that the person doesn't shut down.

Under the Bed

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance, and many people struggle with drinking addiction. Individuals who are suffering from an alcohol use disorder (AUD) often hide their drinking habits, hoping that they will not be discovered.

They can change their behavior around others, so that it looks like they have become more responsible and mature. Ultimately, though, this can be a cover-up for their true addiction.

Among the most common places that alcoholics hide their stash are the bathroom and bedroom, according to addiction experts. They can also hide it in kitchen cabinets or drawers, basements, closets, suitcases and clothes.

If you suspect that someone is hiding a stash of alcohol, it’s important not to point fingers or get angry. This can lead to them feeling overwhelmed or shut down. Instead, try to discuss the situation calmly and gently, and offer to talk about next steps. If possible, encourage them to dispose of the hidden alcohol.


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