Where To Buy Orange Zest?

April 10, 2023

Where To Buy Orange Zest?

The zest of citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and orange is essential in a wide range of recipes. It adds a burst of sweet citrus flavor to vinaigrettes, marinades, cookies and cakes. It is also great in savory dishes, such as cranberry sauce and mulled wine.

Dried Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis)

Dried Orange Zest is an intensely flavored dehydrated orange peel that is finely ground and still replete with citrus oils. It saves you the trouble of sourcing and zesting fresh oranges for use in your baking and culinary creations.

Orange Extract

If you can’t find fresh oranges, a substitute is orange extract, which can be found in most health food stores and some specialty grocery stores. It has the same potency as orange zest and can be used in a variety of different recipes to replace the zest.

Lime Zest

Another citrus zest alternative is lime zest, which can be substituted for orange peel in a number of recipes. It is often used in sweet or savory dishes and can be mixed with other ingredients to enhance the flavors of any dish.

Dried Orange Zest is a popular addition to many baked goods and is an essential ingredient in citrus marinades and marmalades. It is also useful in a variety of savory dishes such as green beans almondine, tabbouleh salad, and browned tempeh. It’s best to rehydrate dried zest before using it by pouring boiling water over it and letting sit for about 5 minutes.


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