Where to Get Coptic Salt

May 31, 2023

When the first group of soldiers stepped into the cabin, they were met with a bloody scene. All of them looked at each other with a stunned face. Then they turned their eyes to the direction that John was looking at.

John squinted his eyes. He knew that Zhang Qi owed him a big favor, so he couldn’t let him do it without a fight. But he didn’t expect Zhang Qi to bring so many people with him.

The squint in his eyes made him look like a man who was trying to hide a scar from the world. He didn’t even bother to speak, but he did move his body a little bit. He didn’t know what to do.

He wanted to make a good impression, but he didn’t want to do anything that would cause problems for the company. He tried to think of the best way to solve this problem, but it wasn’t easy.

At this time, he saw a big man rushing towards him. He was wearing a robe and was carrying an iron sword in his hand. He was also wearing a helmet with an axe mounted on it. He was a huge man, and he had a long beard that covered half of his face. He was a very powerful person. He was the head of the Shenglong Security Group in Jiangnan. He was also the top leader of the Xijing Police Department.


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