Where to Hide Alcohol in House

May 2, 2023

Hiding alcohol is a common way for people to cope with drinking problems. They may do it to avoid embarrassment, shame or guilt about their drinking, or to protect others from an addiction.

Typically, hiding alcohol is not something that helps in the long run. If your loved one has a problem with drinking, they need help and support.

Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers are a popular hiding place for booze and other baubles. Changing or folding clothes is an everyday occurrence for most people, and this habit puts small bottles of alcohol within easy reach of a curious onlooker.

The underside of a dresser drawer is also a good spot to hide your booze if you have the room for it. This is not only a smart use of space, but it's also a handy place to stash your best bets for when you have company over. It's not uncommon for a drinker to have more than one glass of booze on the go, so a cleverly concealed bottle or two will serve you well. The best part is that you won't have to leave your house to enjoy the good stuff. The real secret is to have a plan to keep your stash safe and out of the hands of your loved ones. The more you can do to protect your booze the better off everyone is.

Water Bottles

Keeping alcohol hidden in water bottles is a great way to carry it around without anyone noticing. Opaque Nalgene bottles, fruit-drink bottles, Vitamin Water containers, and CamelBaks are all great hiding places for alcohol.

Many teens use Gatorade and other sports drink bottles to mix alcohol in as well. This makes them easier to transport and usually doesn't look suspicious to adults or authority figures.

Another place to hide alcohol is in shampoo and body wash bottles, especially if the bottles are empty and rinsed before adding booze. This can help to keep teen alcohol use under control.

Dresser drawers are also a great place to hide small bottles of alcohol. People often fold or change clothes in their dresser drawers, and this behavior makes it easy to stash a bottle between folded items or in a back corner.


A common place to hide alcohol is in a dresser drawer or closet. These are places that are typically used for other drinks, and so it's likely that no one will go looking for it.

Another common hiding spot is the laundry basket. No RA is going to want to look through a pile of dirty clothes unless they suspect something.

The toilet tank is a popular hiding place as well. People need a little alone time in the bathroom a few times a day, and this can be easily fulfilled with a bottle of liquor hidden in the tank.

Lastly, many people stash alcohol in their bags and purses. This makes it easy to take a drink whenever they want, and the bags are usually always with them so that they can carry their drink wherever they go.

Toilet Tanks

Toilet tanks aren't the most creative places to hide alcohol, but they do provide an easy way to stash a bottle of whiskey or vodka. Some people also use a closet to store their bottles and keep them accessible when they need a drink.

To help your family members stay safe from alcohol, be sure to take inventory of what they have in the house. If you find a bottle that's been sitting on a dresser drawer or in the closet, make sure to get rid of it.

Your toilet tank has five critical parts that need regular cleaning and repair: the rubber flapper, flush valve, drain hole, fill valve, and overflow tube. Most experts recommend a twice-yearly cleaning to prevent mildew, rust, and mineral deposits from forming in the tank walls.


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