White Light Protection Meditation

October 17, 2023

White light protection is one of the most powerful forms of psychic protection. It creates a protective energy bubble around your aura and closes it off from outside interference. This form of protection is very helpful when you are experiencing energetic challenges or are actively changing your point of attraction.

To do this type of meditation, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and allow your body to relax. Breathe deeply in and out, focusing on the flow of your breath. Visualize a white stream of healing energy coming down from the Spiritual Realm to envelop your entire body, starting at your feet and moving upwards towards your head. Allow the white light to cleanse your thighs, calves, and toes, clearing all blockages, negative energies, and thoughts, leaving your body feeling lighter and refreshed.

During this process, you may see various colors of the white light in your mind’s eye. These colors may signal a specific chakra that needs to be cleared or a certain aspect of your life that you need to address. For instance, if you see the color blue, it could mean that you are not speaking your truth.

As you continue this visualization, notice that your white light shield is forming around your heart area and surrounding you as a thick protective layer. Observe it clairvoyantly and notice that the energy of this white light shield is also becoming more abundant in some areas as it continues to grow around you.


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