White Tara Meditation

January 5, 2023

white tara meditation

When you are learning the White Tara Meditation, there are many aspects to understand. First you will need to know about the history of the meditation. You will learn about the symbolism of the lotus flower, as well as the different versions of the mantra. Lastly, you will discover how to use the mantra in your daily life.

Amrita Nadi's story

The practice of Tara is a common one among both Himalayan and Western Buddhists. It is a meditation that focuses on increasing longevity and pacifying illness. While some of the practices require a teacher, there are a number of self-generated ones for everyone to try.

While the basic image of Tara is fairly simple, the most detailed visualizations are the most effective. For example, the Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion, can appear in 21 different forms. Depending on the specific form, the incarnations of the bodhisattva may differ in color and attributes.

The practice of the Tara is usually accompanied by recitation of a mantra. This can be done while walking or cooking. There are various types of mantras, but the most effective ones are transmitted from one teacher to another.

Kunze Chimed's prayer to White Tara

A Mongolian yogini named Kunze Chimed has recorded a prayer to White Tara, a Buddhist goddess. She is an outstanding performer of mantras and has a long tradition of teaching Dharma. Her last album was a musical recording that incorporates Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Mongolian languages.

The prayer is based on the esoteric practice of "playing on Tara". It is a powerful pacifying mantra that transmits blessings beyond time and space.

This prayer was inspired by a musical recording of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. He is a Kagyu lama, and has been enthroned by Penor Rinpoche. In addition to being a Dharma practitioner, Kunze Chimed is also a director of a Buddhist women's association and is the translator of a number of Dharma books.

In the musical recording, Kunze Chimed invokes the blessings of White Tara, a Buddhist goddess that represents all the bodhisattvas of the three times. As her homage to the white goddess, she also sends good wishes to all Mongolians, to help them reach their full potential.

Tibetan vs English versions of the mantra

One of the more popular forms of meditation among Tibetans is the White Tara practice. As with the Green Tara, this form of practice has no direct translation. Instead, it is a blend of words and images that represent aspects of the Buddha.

During the practice, a practitioner sits with their eyes closed. Then they visualize Tara's speech, which they feel as light. This allows them to experience the enlightened energy of the Buddhist goddesses.

During the practice, a White Tara mantra is recited. It is a variant of the Green Tara mantra, which has several syllables. Often, it is recited with a specific person in mind.

There are many benefits to the White Tara prayer. For example, it has pacifying effects, as well as healing powers. In addition, it transmits blessings beyond time.

Symbolism of the lotus flower

The lotus flower is one of the most important spiritual symbols in Buddhism. It symbolizes the purity of the heart and the journey of the soul.

When the sun rises, the lotus blooms and the journey begins. Throughout the day, the petals open and close. These processes symbolize human evolution. They are also symbolic of rebirth.

There are three types of lotus flowers. Each represents a different Buddha. One is called the pink lotus, which stands for enlightenment. Another is the blue lotus, which represents ethical life. Finally, the red lotus symbolizes the bigheartedness of the human spirit.

Different cultures have different interpretations of the various colored flowers. But no matter what color, the flower is an important symbol in the Eastern world. Often, people incorporate the symbolism of the flower into their tattoos.

Activating energy centers of the body

If you have not yet had the opportunity to perform an advanced healing practice with your teacher, there are some basic meditations you can perform by yourself to activate the energy centers of the body. For example, you can visualize a white Tara, or even a white lotus. These visual representations are not only safe, but can also help dispense impurities from the etheric body, allowing for the flow of energy.

To perform the most effective visualizations, you should consult your teacher. However, you may be able to perform these meditations on your own, provided you have a strong desire to achieve this type of healing. As with any meditation, you should only do them if you feel confident you can handle it.


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