Who Is Dr Herman Greys?

April 19, 2023

Who Is Dr Herman Greys

Who Is Dr Herman Greys?

Geena Davis is returning to her old stomping grounds for an episode that will air this May. According to Deadline, the episode will feature a character called "Nicole Herman" who's looking to make her mark.

Nicole Herman was one of the few fetal surgeons in America. Her reputation as a fetal specialist earned her the title of Head of Fetal Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She trained Dr. Arizona Robbins as her fetal fellow and also had an OB/GYN resident named Graham Maddox rounding on her service.

She was a tough mentor to her mentee, but the relationship was strained to say the least. Herman wanted Arizona to know that fetal surgery is just as challenging as pediatrics, so she was pretty hard on her. Herman's tough love approach helped turn Arizona into the best fetal surgeon she could be.

The Medical Movertons

Herman is also one of the few doctors who can perform the very flimsiest of fetal surgeries, so she was a bit of a show stopper in terms of her accomplishments. She was also the first to have a fetal surgery suite at Grey Sloan and the only doctor to get a gold medal for her work.

Considering her accomplishments, it's no wonder she's on everyone's list of the "Gloey's Anatomy" notables. Herman's return may prove to be the season finale's most exciting moment. It will be interesting to see if her return will play into the upcoming storyline that will see Arizona Robbins exiting Grey Sloan for good.


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