Who Is Dr Jennifer Daniels?

March 28, 2023

Who Is Dr Jennifer Daniels?

Dr Jennifer Daniels is a naturopathic physician who approaches health from the holistic perspective of healing and wellness. She incorporates whole foods, herbal medicine and lifestyle modifications into her practice. She is a board certified Family Practitioner, a Nurse Practitioner and holds a Masters of Science in Nursing from Seattle University. Her career has been devoted to the pursuit of optimal health and wellness for her patients.

She has lived in Syracuse since 1965 and is a long time member of the community.

She has an interest in racial equity, poverty, and the provision and access to social welfare programs. Her research focuses on state-level discretionary decision-making in the administration of SNAP and racial inequity in the receipt of benefits for able-bodied adults without dependents.

She is a 2022-2023 National Poverty Fellow in residence at the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. She also completed her PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware, and is a graduate of the UD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program.


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