Who Is Dr Kelly Victory?

March 28, 2023

Who Is Dr Kelly Victory?

Aside from her clinical duties, Kelly has a few philanthropic pursuits in the works including launching the most comprehensive wellness based health care model in the state of Georgia. She has also teamed up with the city of Savannah to create the largest and most inclusive public/private fitness club in the area.

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She is proud to say she has received the coveted Compassionate Doctor award for the last three years in a row (not an easy task when you have to take on the best of the best).

The name of the game is to help her patients get better and stay well! She takes pride in her patient centric approach, which has garnered her many industry accolades and has the utmost respect from her colleagues. The most gratifying part of her job is knowing she is making a positive impact on people’s lives in the name of service excellence.


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