Who Is Dr Llaila Afrika?

March 28, 2023

Who Is Dr Llaila Afrika?

Despite being a first generation Liberian who grew up in the dilapidated city of Monrovia, this modern day African is a jack of all trades with a keen interest in everything from a good cup of tea to an old school snooker table. Affectionately known as the tiger by his peers, the self-described "black man with a green thumb" has a knack for picking up a bottle of Scotch from time to time and has no shortage of stories to tell about his ancestry.

A stalwart aficionado of all things sexy and sizzling, the self-proclaimed "tiger by his tail" is often found on the receiving end of the affections of one or more mates in the bedroom. He's an avid philanderer with a penchant for the ladies pursée (and the odd man out). A tad more than a handful of ladies adorn his hallowed turf, but that doesn't stop him from being a dapper and dandy gent in the most respectful sense of the word.


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