Who Is Dr Pereira?

April 19, 2023

Who Is Dr Pereira

Who Is Dr Pereira?

Michael Pereira, MD is a radiation oncology specialist at Well Baby Hospitalists located in Poughkeepsie, NY. He is board certified and has received numerous awards for medical excellence.

Aside from his extensive clinical and research background, he is also an expert in patient communication. His expertise in educating patients and their loved ones on the latest cancer treatments is second to none.

He also serves as an assistant emergency medicine residency program director at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. He is an enthusiastic advocate for a patient-centered approach to medicine, and is particularly interested in enhancing emergency electrocardiography telemedicine capabilities to enhance quality of care for both patients and physicians alike.

Most importantly, he is a top-notch physician who takes his role as a partner seriously. He is always willing to answer questions, and will make an effort to ensure you feel confident in your decision regarding the appropriate course of treatment for you.

Best of all, he is committed to reducing your wait time and providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process. He is also available for urgent consults and will work to accommodate your schedule.

The best way to reach him is via his office phone number or e-mail address. You can also visit his website to learn more about his practice. The website has a free online patient questionnaire, a list of services offered, and more information about Dr. Pereira and his colleagues.


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