Who Is Dr Sebi Books?

March 28, 2023

Who Is Dr Sebi Books?

A self-proclaimed herbalist and natural healer, Alfredo Darrington Bowman aka Dr. Sebi was not afraid to ruffle feathers in his quest to promote a healthier lifestyle.
He was a true Renaissance man when it came to his trade, and his accomplishments were many. In the span of his career, he was able to create a holistic medical center in Honduras, launch an educational institute and write several best-selling books on natural healing methods.

Sadly, Bowman passed away in August of 2016, within the confines of Honduran police custody, a fact that has led to some curious conspiracy theories about his death. The most popular of these is that his death may have been part of a larger plot to keep the burgeoning cannabis industry out of the United States. While it’s a sad day for the world of natural medicine, we can only hope that his work will be remembered for the good that it does, not just the bad. We wish his family well as they navigate this difficult time in their lives, and look forward to hearing more about the man behind the magic.


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