Why Can I Taste My Eye Drops?

February 10, 2023

why can i taste my eye drops

Why can i taste my eye drops?

The reason that you can taste your eye drops is because some of the medicine is going to drain into your nose and throat. This makes the eye drops taste a little sour or bitter.

If you do notice this, here is what you can do to prevent the drops from running into your throat:

To avoid this problem, apply medium pressure between the inner corner of your eyes and the bridge of your nose (called punctal occlusion) as soon as you put the drop in your eye. This will block the tear drainage ducts and prevent any of the eye drops from leaking into your nose or throat.

This technique is very important, as it is an excellent way to help ensure that your eye medication stays in your eye where it belongs. If it does leak into your nose or throat, the medicine will not be effective and may cause adverse effects.

Warming your eye drops before you use them can also make a difference in the amount of pain you feel when the liquid first touches your eyeballs. If you want to apply more than one drop, you can wait about 5 minutes between them.

You can also try chewing on a stick of gum or squeezing some citrus juice in water to help remove any excess eye drop solution from your mouth. This will help with the unpleasant taste and can make it easier to apply your eye drops.


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