Why Do Alcoholics Lie About Everything?

May 2, 2023

Many addicts and alcoholics lie about their drinking because it helps them avoid confrontation. Lying can also serve to keep them from seeking treatment, which is necessary to overcome addiction.

They’re often not aware that they’re lying about their drinking, but they do it subconsciously. Their mind is filled with the excuses needed to maintain their addiction, and they can’t help themselves.

They’re afraid of confrontation

Alcoholics often lie to avoid confrontations because they don’t want to have to confront someone about their addictive behavior. This can be an extremely upsetting situation for them, as they are afraid that the person will judge them differently if they tell the truth about their addiction.

They also may be afraid that the person will get angry with them if they admit their drinking is a problem. This can lead to further conflict in their lives.

It’s important to listen for clues when a loved one lies, such as looking down or avoiding eye contact. They could also be fidgeting, stumbling over their words, or taking long pauses before speaking.

They’re afraid of failure

Fear is one of the biggest reasons alcoholics fail to make the jump into recovery. They’re afraid of the unknown — what if they relapse, what if their friends and family aren’t supportive, or what if they don’t achieve sobriety?

Luckily, alcoholism treatment can help you learn to conquer your fears. AA has many acronyms that illustrate the various facets of fear in addiction recovery.

The most important thing to remember is that fear is a natural response to the unknown, and can be overcome by thinking about the good ol’ days and how your life has changed for the better.

It also helps to have a clear understanding of the most important things you can do to change your behavior and live a happy, sober life. The most important is to take action and seek treatment if you need it. By learning the signs of alcoholism and making the necessary changes, you can save your loved ones’ lives and have a healthier, happier future.

They’re afraid of losing control

If you’re wondering why alcoholics lie about everything, you may be surprised to learn that they’re often afraid of losing control. Lying is a common symptom of alcoholism, and it’s one that can make recovery more difficult.

They may lie to their loved ones in an attempt to avoid confrontations and fights. They might also be fearful of their drinking impacting their family relationships or damaging their reputation.

In the end, lying about their drinking can only serve to keep them in addiction. It’s important to understand that your loved one is the only person who can stop her addiction if she wants to.

People who are struggling with addiction affect their friends, family members, coworkers, and even strangers they meet on the street. They’re all affected by their behavior, and they can’t ignore it. That’s why it’s so important to speak up when you see someone with substance abuse problems. It’s a powerful way to help them get the support they need.

They’re afraid of being rejected

One of the main reasons alcoholics rely on alcohol to get them through the day is that they are afraid of being rejected by their peers. They also are afraid of being judged by a judicial system that is less than enlightened about addiction. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available to help you get back on your feet.

AA is the best known of the faith-based treatment groups, but it’s not the only one. Several other programs have been shown to be better than their predecessors at restoring health to alcoholics and their loved ones. The most popular and effective program in the United States is called a CBT, which stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Those who take the program report significant and long-lasting gains in their lives. The AA ad for the CBT explains that its main goal is to help alcoholics see that they are worthy of respect and consideration by others.


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