Why Do Bees Have Sticky Hair?

February 11, 2023

why do bees have sticky hair

Why Do Bees Have Sticky Hair

Bees have a lot of hair, and it isn't just for comb-ability. It is also important for a variety of functions that help bees accomplish their jobs and maintain their health.

Collecting Pollen

Honey bees rely on their hair to collect pollen from flowers and store it in a special place for future use. This is called the pollen basket, located behind the back legs of a bee.

They also have sticky pads on their legs that assist them when they land on a slick surface.

When a bee flies from one flower to the next, it can build up a small electric charge in its hairs that attracts pollen grains.

This electrical charge helps to 'jump' pollen from the flower onto the bee's branched hairs, making it easier for the bee to collect the seeds and proteins that are present in pollen.

The branched hairs on the bee's body are also useful for picking up other types of plant material.

Detecting Pheromones

Another function of the bee's hair is to sense vibrations and pheromones released by other bees and wind currents that inform the bee of its surroundings.

This ability to sense and detect the surrounding environment is critical for a bee's survival, especially when it is out foraging. Having this ability allows bees to avoid wandering into areas they are not allowed to go. It also helps them stay within their own hive's territory, so that they don't accidentally disturb other bees.


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