Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Put Clothes on Them?

March 7, 2023

why do cats fall over when you put clothes on them

If you have ever tried to put clothes on a cat, then you know how difficult it can be. They’ll swat at the clothes and even try to claw them off. They can feel like they’re being entrapped or trapped in the clothes, and this can make them extremely uncomfortable.

So, why do cats fall over when you put clothes on them?

If they’re not accustomed to being in a dress or hat, then they’ll feel very uncomfortable. This is because clothing is a strange feeling for them, especially for their paws, belly, and base of their tail.

What’s more, cats have a fight-or-flight response to most things that they encounter. They’re hard-wired to run away from danger, which means wearing clothes isn’t going to change that.

How to Deal With This Behavior

If your cat goes limp when you put clothes on them, then this is probably a sign that they don’t want the outfit on anymore. They may be trying to express their disdain by falling over instead of hurting you, or they could simply be tired and need a nap.

If you’re struggling to get them to wear the clothes, then try playing with them and stroking their stomachs until they’re relaxed. You can also try a scratching post to help them feel more at ease, as they’re often anxious about being scratched. And if they still don’t want to wear the clothes, then don’t force it!


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