Why Does My Boston Terrier Shake?

February 6, 2023

why does my boston terrier shake

Why does my boston terrier shake?

Boston terriers are one of the few breeds that can shiver when they’re cold, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an illness. Just like humans, they can shiver to keep their body temperature up if they get too cold.

They also shiver as a response to pain or nausea, so if your dog is exhibiting any signs of vomiting or is displaying other odd behaviors that may be due to nausea, see the vet right away.

Age-Related Tremors

As your Boston terrier grows older, their joints become weaker and their muscles lose flexibility. This can cause tremors, especially in their hind legs.

Head Tremors

Boston terrier head tremors are also common, and can be caused by ear infections, flea bites on the skin, allergies, or a head injury.


Small dogs, including Boston terriers, often struggle with separation anxiety and nervousness. This can cause them to tremble when you leave the house or when they sense a change in their surroundings.


Boston terriers get very excited when they are happy or feel safe. This can cause them to tremble, as their excitement is overwhelming. To help prevent this from occurring, try keeping greetings calm and short so they don’t over-excite themselves. Taking them outside to play can also help settle their shaky behavior.


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