Why Does My Cat Lick My Ear?

February 10, 2023

why does my cat lick my ear

Why does my cat lick my ear?

Licking is a common behavior among cats and usually means that they are grooming themselves or their kittens. But it can also be a sign of affection or a way to soothe themselves when they are angry, sad, or anxious.

Your cat may be licking you because they are in the mood for a little love!

Unlike humans, cats have scent receptors that far outnumber their taste buds, which means they are naturally drawn to things that smell good. Specifically, they are attracted to earwax which is rich in protein.

This earwax is made up of dead skin cells and contains proteins that emit a similar scent to those found in meat and other animal proteins. It is not dangerous to cats, but if they get hold of some you may need to clean it up.

Your cat may be licking your ears because they are feeling relaxed and happy around you. This is a natural grooming behaviour that they learnt when they were kittens when they were snuggled up with their mother and siblings.

If your cat is licking you for any other reason, try to redirect their attention by using their favourite toys or food. This should help them to continue bonding with you while still protecting your skin from their sandpaper-like tongue.

You can also talk to your vet about the licking behavior and whether it is a normal part of their grooming routine or something else that should be addressed. Your vet can provide you with advice and guidance to keep your cat healthy and happy.


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