Why Does My Cat Sniff My Eye?

February 10, 2023

why does my cat sniff my eye

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Eye

It’s a pretty unusual behavior, but your cat is likely doing it because they love you. They’re trying to show you that they are happy and healthy, or that they are attempting to groom you.

Besides, they may also be enjoying the salty smell that can come from your eyes. This is because your tears have a higher salt content than other parts of your body and your cat is naturally attracted to this type of smell.

This is also a common behavior for female cats, who are known to groom their kittens by licking their eyelids. This is a way to keep their babies clean and prevent infections or diseases.

Kittens can lick their mother’s face as well, and this is also a way for them to express their affection for their owners. Your cat may also be licking your eyes because they are a healthy, clean kitty and want to take care of you.

Your cat is a good listener, and they are always there when you need them most. This is why they might come and sniff your eye when you’re upset or need a good cry.

They’re checking you out for your scent glands

Cats are experts at smelling people, and they can tell a lot about you by sniffing your face. This is because they can pick up pheromones and scents that can let them know you’re friendly or unfriendly.


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