Why Does My Male Dog Lick My Female Dogs Ear?

February 10, 2023

why does my male dog lick my female dogs ear

Why Does My Male Dog Lick My Female Dogs Ear

Back when dogs were considered pack animals, licking was a common way to communicate with others. It’s still wired into their genetic makeup and is a natural part of dog behavior.

If your female is in heat, she’ll lick her male’s ears to attract him to mate. She’ll also lick her own vulva to entice him to climb up the preputical sheath that covers her penis and mount her.

The reason why dogs lick each other’s ears is that they want to smell the other dog’s earwax and clean it out. This is because saliva contains antibacterial properties that help combat bacterial infections in the ear canal and in the eyes, as well as helping prevent the spread of ear mites and other critters that love a good ear wax feast.

Another reason why dogs lick each other’s ear is to groom each other. This is similar to how monkeys groom each other – it helps them feel clean and healthy.

When a dog licks another dog’s ear, it releases the endorphin hormones that give them a boost. This hormone gives them a sense of calm and makes them more relaxed.

It also helps them to de-sensitize their aversions to new places and people. This makes them less anxious in new environments and reduces the risk of fights and aggression between their pack members.

However, if your dog’s ear licking is excessive, you should get it checked out by a veterinarian. This is because if they’re licking the other dog’s ear too much, it can create a moist environment that’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. It can also lead to a hearing impairment.


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