Why is Generation Z So Sensitive?

February 6, 2023

why is generation z so sensitive

Why is generation z so sensitive?

Gen Z is a generation that cares about things that have never been talked about before. They are passionate about climate change, mental health issues, gender equality and more. They are not afraid to speak up and make their voice heard.

They want to make a difference in this world and break down all the taboos that past generations have created. This is why they are so sensitive - they are looking to fix problems that have been causing harm and that aren't working.

This can be confusing to older generations who are not used to this type of behavior. They might get offended by their kids' passionate approach to these matters, but a lot of this is likely due to the fact that they are not in touch with the way that younger generations think.

Many studies show that this is actually a good thing, as it helps normalise the conversation around mental health and trauma. People can be more honest and open about their struggles, and this helps them to move on and live their life unhindered by trauma.


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