Why So Sad? - Nike SB Dunk Low x John Rattray

October 14, 2023

[Update 31 Oct 2022]

Scottish skater John Rattray launched his “Why So Sad?” initiative in 2016 to promote mental health and suicide alertness/prevention within the skating community. This November, the pro skater brings the mission to sneaker form via a Nike SB Dunk Low designed in collaboration with his initiative. A version of the classic silhouette features contrasting uppers, including blue leather and navy suede with a Predatory Bird mascot printed on the lateral rib cage. The shoe’s aesthetic is further elevated by yellow question mark logos, embroidered on the back and stamped on the red suede heel tab. A pair of custom lace tips adds finishing touches to the sneaker, while Rattray’s “Why So Sad?” message is emblazoned on the inside of the tongue tag.

Whether you’re feeling down because of something personal or an ongoing challenge, it’s important to remember that feelings are just emotions, and they will eventually pass. If you’re having a hard time getting out of your low mood, try a problem-solving technique to work through whatever’s causing it, or even just focusing on the things that make you happy. It may help to think about these positive aspects of life and how they make you feel, or write them down or say them out loud, explains Ethan Kross, a psychologist who studies emotion and self-control. In addition, a bit of exercise or even just being in natural light can boost your mood. If these aren’t helping, he recommends reaching out to a mental healthcare professional.


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