World of Warcraft - The Mountain Ascent Meditation Chamber

November 19, 2023

Located in the north end of Untamed Downs, where it meets Rambler’s Reach Outpost, this Meditation Chamber is one of the most accessible in the game. However, it’s still a challenge to overcome, especially for players who don’t have the ability to mount Nekko yet.

To enter the chamber, head over to the Mountain Ascent meditation point and dash through the two green laser gates up ahead. Once you’re past those, jump down to the surface below and defeat any wildlife that stands in your way. This will lead you to a pond with Skoova Stev and an aquarium fish, behind which lies the entrance to the Chamber of Detachment.

Meditation is a lot like mountaineering, in that the depths of your own mind can be dangerous without proper preparation and guidance. It’s also not uncommon for people to cling to certain experiences or claims of attainment when it comes to meditation, when they may have much further ground to cover.

This Chamber offers players a unique Perk reward, granting them the Patience Perk that refills their health every time they activate Slow Time. To complete the Chamber, players will need to manipulate blocks and orbs, destroy Koboh Matter, and access hidden areas. To start, players must first travel to the Mountain Ascent area of Prospector’s Folly on Koboh and reach the meditation point. Then, they must pass through the two green laser walls using their dash ability. Once they’re past those, they should see a waterfall with the entrance to the Chamber of Detachment just behind it.


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